Abstract Guidelines

Submitted manuscript is desirable but not obligatory condition for participation in the conference as a presenter. 

The publication of the conference proceedings will be electronic. 

A number of scientific articles (original, previously unpublished) from the conference proceedings will be published in the following journals: 


«Geographyand Natural Resources»

«Geodynamics & Tectonophysics»

Please submit your abstract in the following format:

Abstract should not exceed 5 pages and submitted in electronic form; 

Page size – A4, margins 2.0 (top and bottom), 3 cm (left) and 1.5 cm (right); 

Font – New Times Roman, 12 pt, Word text editor, single-spaced; 

1st line – title of the presentation, typed at the center in bold capital letters; 

2nd line – space; 

3rd line – authors (surnames and initials). Typed at the center in capital letters. Authors’ names should be followed by superscripts – Arabic numerals (if the authors are from different organizations); 

4th line – organization, full address, e-mail, centered, in italics; 

5th line – space; 

6th line and further – the text of an extended abstract. Paragraph break – 1 cm. Width alignment. 

Figures (graphs, photo) must be submitted as separatefiles in .jpeg format and be placed in the text. Figures (Fig. 1) can be both black-and-white and colored. All figures captions and labels should be in place. 

Tables (Table 1) should be placed in the body of the abstract. Table number (right aligned) and title (center alignment) should be placed above the table. 

The equations created in the equation editor should be numbered. Reference to an equation number is given in the text in parentheses. 

Reference to bibliographic source is given in the text [Petrov, 2013]. 

The file name consists of the surname and initials of the first author and should be typed in Latin letters, e.g., ivanov_a_b.doc. 

All abstracts should be submitted for approval to the Conference Organizing Committee. Authors will be notified about acceptance.

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